Miracles for Christmas Benefit Concert

Miracles for Christmas Benefit Concert

We can do many things during Christmas to fill our time and join in the hustle and bustle. Filling our time is not the same as filling ourselves with meaning and serving as a community. All the cookies in the world delivered to neighbors are crumbs compared to the impact you can make for a child in need. Imagine the hope you can bring to a little one enslaved, praying for a Savior to come find them! Come together with us to reach our goal of $50,000, by buying tickets for our evening dedicated to provide enough funds for a mission to save children through Operation Underground Railroad.

Join us, December 21st at 7:00-9:00 PM, for a formal evening event to bring a Christmas cheer to your holidays! Featuring several local talented artists including; James King, The Lars Yorgason Singers, D for Danze, Pamla Barrett and more! With music and dance to inspire you, this one of a kind concert will be filled with holiday spirit and love. All ticket sales and donations will go to those helping save children around the world from trafficking and sex slavery. Sometimes when you learn of bad things in the world you feel a stirring in your heart to act! Let us bring your life some happiness and in turn help save as many of these beautiful children as possible! Alone we may feel like we can't do much but together we can move mountains. Join us for a special night to celebrate this Christmas season with a dedicated event to raise funds for Operation Underground Railroad.

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Brent Arnold
Dec 21, 2019
Utah, United States


Karen Mumm
Dec 21, 2019
Utah, United States



Dec 6, 2019
Utah, United States

“good luck with all your efforts!!”


Alta Baxter
Dec 6, 2019
Utah, United States


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Pamla Barrett
Utah, United States


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