Moapa Valley Fundraiser

Moapa Valley Fundraiser
Let’s Rise Up for Children! There has never been a more important time to come together to fight against the exploitation of children. In recent years, online enticement and exploitation has increased exponentially. In 2020 alone, there was a 97.5% increase in reports of online exploitation according to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. These numbers continue to rise in an increasingly digital world. Now is the time! Rise up and donate to Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.) an organization committed to breaking the cycle of exploitation, Rise up for children with me!

Honor Roll


Jean Gottschalk
Jul 25, 2022
Nevada, US


Jocelyn Witsken
Jul 21, 2022
Nevada, US


Chad Leavitt
Jul 19, 2022
Nevada, US


Stephen Foley
Jul 17, 2022
Nevada, US

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4 donors
13 days left

Fundraiser created by
Erika Whitmore
Nevada, United States


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