Mortgage Professionals Against Child Trafficking

Mortgage Professionals Against Child Trafficking

Hi Everyone!

Please take a moment to read this message, as we are asking you to join us in raising money to prevent child sex trafficking.

As most of you are aware, there is a growing movement to stop the unimaginable practice of child sex trafficking. Now more than ever, citizens and organizations must rise up to protect innocent children from exploitation. That is why we have formed a group of mortgage professionals to raise awareness and funding to help eradicate child sex trafficking. Starting this month, we have pledged to donate a percentage of our earnings to nonprofit organization Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.).

O.U.R. helps governments around the globe rescue victims of human and sex trafficking, with a special focus on children. The organization also aids with planning, prevention, capture, and prosecution of offenders. In the past six years, O.U.R. has rescued 4,100 victims, assisted in the arrests of more than 2,300 traffickers, and collectively helped rescue more than 10,000 survivors through strategic partnerships.

We have raised nearly $18,000 from generous contributions from mortgage industry professionals like you, who deeply care about this cause. We quickly realized how many of you wanted to contribute so we created this fundraiser page and set a goal to raise $250,000 by the end of the year! Right now, I am challenging each and every one of you to donate $$$ from every closing or make one simple donation. Any amount helps the fight against child sex trafficking. Thank you for your support.

Please help us meet our goal and save innocent children — TOGETHER, WE CAN SAVE CHILDREN’S LIVES! 

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JJ Mazzo
Jan 20, 2021
California, United States


Molly Boerger
Jan 4, 2021
Kentucky, United States

“JJ Mazzo”


JJ Mazzo
Nov 16, 2020
California, United States


Nov 12, 2020
Pennsylvania, United States


Hector Ayala
Nov 9, 2020
California, United States


Shayla Gifford
Oct 21, 2020
Nevada, United States


Gavin Ekstrom
Oct 16, 2020
Colorado, United States


JJ Mazzo
Oct 15, 2020
California, United States


Dustin Bingaman
Oct 7, 2020
California, United States


Scott Evans
Oct 7, 2020
California, United States


Scott Forman
Sep 25, 2020
New Jersey, United States

“brian decker and modern lending”


Brian Decker
Sep 23, 2020
California, United States


Chris Devin
Sep 22, 2020
Massachusetts, United States


Al Sedighravesh
Sep 21, 2020
California, United States


Julie Johnson
Sep 18, 2020
Washington, United States


Scott Evans
Sep 17, 2020
California, United States


Sep 17, 2020
Illinois, United States


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Scott Evans


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