MTHS Rho Kappa Abolitionists

The Monroe Township High School chapter of the Rho Kappa National Social Studies Honor Society is raising funds to help end human trafficking. Did you know that there are more slaves now than ever before? Modern slavery still exists and you can become an abolitionist today! In the past four years, Operation Underground Railroad has rescued 1,765 victims and has assisted in the arrests of more than 858 traffickers around the world. Please donate today to help rescue more children. They need us now!

Honor Roll


Mar 6, 2019
New Jersey, United States of America

“I'm so proud of you Mrs. Abruzzese for bringing this cause to MTHS!”


Mar 11, 2019
New Jersey, United States of America


Mar 21, 2019
New Jersey, United States of America

MTHS Rho Kappa Abolitionists

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Jaclyn Abruzzese


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