Last summer we had a highly successful fundraiser called, "Run Across Ohio"... ran 240-miles within 10-days. Have you ever had the notion to run/walk from, "Ocean-2-Ocean" across America? Most people answers that question... NO WAY!! This is why, starting March 22nd - September 19th everyone may start walking and or running for an organization called, "Operation Underground Railroad" OURRescue.org

Every week, Sunday... 12:01am- Saturday... 11:00 pm keep track of your miles, send them to me by Saturday evening, (Facebook Messenger: Dennis A Snay) or text (419) 306-2937.

The fight against human trafficking is continuous. Explore, join the fight and/or donate to the cause against human trafficking either here or at OURRescue.org . Plus your health will improve by being diligent in your walks/run.

"I just feel like running!"

Thank You!

Galatians 6:2... Bear ye one another's burdens and so fulfil the law Christ.

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