Operation Blue Devil: 1000 Pushup Challenge

Operation Blue Devil: 1000 Pushup Challenge

Operation Blue Devil is a fundraising campaign brought to you by the Arnold Air Society (AAS) squadron at Duke University. AAS is a professional, honorary, and service organization affiliated with Air Force ROTC.  https://aas-sw.org/ 

Operation Blue Devil is a 1000 Pushup Challenge for Duke students on 23 February 2020 at 2 PM, in Card Gym on the Duke University campus. The structure of the event mirrors similar running or swimming pledge-based fundraisers. Participants will complete 10 pushups every minute for 100 minutes, raising money through sponsors. We plan on having guest speakers and hosting upwards of 300 people.

Our donation tiers for corporate sponsors are as follows:

$0 - $1000: Logo on the pamphlet we give to all attendees

$1001 - $2500: Logo on banner decorations and organization thanked publicly by event host

$2500+: Logo on the t-shirt we give to all participants

We wholeheartedly thank anyone who takes the time to make a contribution. There is no insignificant donation. Let's break the chain together!

Honor Roll

“Luke Jackson pushups”


Patrick Jackson
Feb 23, 2020
Louisiana, United States

“Happy to help the AAS squadron at Duke University with this worthy and much needed fundraiser. Good luck!”


Mike Hammond
Feb 3, 2020
Indiana, United States


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