Operation Liberty

Operation Liberty

What would you do if it was one of your children?

Help me create awareness for Operation underground railroad which is an organisation activley involved in the fight against Human trafficking, particulary sex trafficking. Your donations to this necessary cause will help fund the operations that take place to save People from traffickers that Groom, Manipulate and Exploit vulnerable women and children for personal gain and profit. Righteousness will always prevail against unless good men sit by and do nothing to stop and to fight against this Darkness that so many innocent victims become trapped in. Be the difference, break the chain, Spread the awareness-knowledge is power and there is power in numbers. you can also take the 1 hour taining course on the OUR website to learn and gain the knowlegde you need to act. your actions may save 1 child or 100 children. Each one of them is important and loved by their families.. join the fight and donate here.

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Daniel Luland
Hessen, Germany


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