Operation Play Station

Operation Play Station

I am Kyle Gowen of BSA Scout Troop 1258. For my Eagle Scout Project I am raising funds to provide a local police station with toys and craft supplies so they can have an effective child victim receiving center. Children often have to wait several hours at police stations waiting for arrangements to be made on their behalf. By providing these supplies I will be helping these kids start their healing process sooner. They will be able to play with toys, read books, do puzzles and color rather than sit for hours feeling scared and unsure of their future. Please help me provide this valuable resource to OUR and their law enforcement partners.

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“Great job Kyle!”


Mar 15, 2019
Nevada, United States of America

“This is a great idea. Best of luck with this project, Kyle.”


Mar 19, 2019
Alberta, Canada


Apr 4, 2019
Idaho, United States of America


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Kyle Gowen


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