OPERATION UNDERGROUND RAILROAD - Victoria Starzec's fundraiser

Tragically, modern day slavery is alive and well affecting not only adults but also small children and even infants all around the world. As you read this, 46 children a day are victims of child sex trafficking in the US alone. World-wide, statistics show that 30% of persons trafficked were minors, many under the age of 5. Many traffickers seek out conflict ridden, war-torn or disaster devastated areas, looking for orphans or displaced children to exploit. Once in their hands, these poor little ones are forced into a horrifying life of sexual servitude, isolation and fear.


Join with me in being a part of Operation Underground Railroad - A non-profit volunteer organization comprised of former CIA, Navy Seals, Special Agents working alongside local authorities to not only rescue the children but also arrest the perpetrators. O.U.R has been changing so many innocent lives already. Your donation, no matter how small, can help save the life of suffering and exploited child, bringing them into the light of freedom and reuniting them with their loved ones!

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Feb 9, 2020
Illinois, United States


Tim Van mieghem
Feb 3, 2020
Illinois, United States

OPERATION UNDERGROUND RAILROAD - Victoria Starzec's fundraiser

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Laura Duren
Illinois, United States


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