O.U.R & Pampered Chef Fundraiser

O.U.R & Pampered Chef Fundraiser

In an effort to bring attention to a topic that often times gets overlooked or ignored I will be collaborating with Operation Underground Railroad to raise money to aide in their efforts to combat human trafficking.

Please join me and others through the Facebook link (found within the shopping link posted here: https://www.pamperedchef.com/party/savethechildren ) where I will share additional information about this organization, as well as Pampered Chef recipes, products, tips, and more.

Our Sales Goal is set to $5000 from that PC will donate 15% of the sales to the organization, and I will donate all commission made from the sales to the organization- Total donation amount goal $1600-2000. You can also help by booking a show during this fundraiser- EVERY booking will provide an additional $3 donation to the organization.

Join us! Pamper Your kitchen and help out a wonderful organization at the same time. #savethechildren

Please share and invite all you know to help spread awareness of this organization and to help us reach our donation goal. Thank you all!

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