David's Pay it Forward: Stimulus Check Edition

PAY it forward. use some of your stimulus check to rescue women and children from slavery.

Pay it forward. Many of us are blessed to not be personally impacted financially through this virus pandemic, yet will soon be receiving a 'relief' check from the federal government of $1200, $2400, or in my case $3900.

Meanwhile women and children as young as age 2 are bought, sold, and abused as sex-slaves throughout the world in the human trafficking epidemic. Americans are the biggest customers in this business.

In this time of blessing, why not give that money to remove people from the worst situation imaginable. Join me in giving 10% or more of your coronavirus relief check to charity, and join me in giving it to end 21st century slavery. Let's go find some of those kids and give them a new life and care for them and send their captors to prison. YOU can literally commit to that right now.




In the past six years of existence, O.U.R. has rescued

3,300 victims and assisted in the arrests of more than 1,800 traffickers around the world. The partners we are empowering have collectively helped rescue the lives of more than 10,000 survivors who were enslaved, exploited or at risk.

If you are married and making a combined less than $150,000 per year, you have $2400 coming your way plus $500 for every dependent child you have. If you have children, think about what it means to be a 4 yr old, 11 year old, or 15 year old and owned by another person and sold for sex.

Don't look away; picture it.

Now shine a light to the world on the global epidemic of child sex trafficking, and in so doing rescue children from slavery, care for them in their recovery, and assist law enforcement in the prosecution of trafficking offenders.

If you want to do even more, but are maybe tight for cash today, make a monthly donation of just 1% of your check, and by this time next year, you will have given more to the cause than giving that 10% today, and will have the honor of being branded an Abolitionist.


Single = $1200 -- 10% = $120 Today -- 1% = $12 per month

Married = $2400 -- 10% = $240 Today -- 1% = $24 per month

Married w/1 kid = $2900 -- 10% = $290 Today -- 1% = $29 per month

Married w/2 kids = $3400 -- 10% = $340 Today -- 1% = $34 per month

Married w/3 kids = $3900 -- 10% = $390 Today -- 1% = $39 per month

Married w/4 kids = $4400 -- 10% = $440 Today -- 1% = $44 per month

Honor Roll


May 1, 2020
Idaho, United States


Bryce Hanson
May 1, 2020
Utah, United States

“Keep up the good work. What you all do is inspiring in a world where inspiration is rare/”


Sean Anderson
Apr 3, 2020
Colorado, United States


David Casaceli
Apr 3, 2020
Michigan, United States

David's Pay it Forward: Stimulus Check Edition

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David Casaceli
Michigan, United States


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