Phil's Birthday Make America

Hello friends and family, 

As you may know my birthday is less than a month away.

Well I've come to you to humbly make a request for my birthday wishes. In lieu of presents I would ask that you all take this challenge with me from now until March 7th.

1.) LEARN- Please take the time to familiarize yourself with O.U.R.

 Operation underground railroad

2) DO-take the signs of human trafficking course from O.U.R.

3) CHALLENGE- Get 5 of your friends to take the course 

4) COMMIT - Any gift you thought of buying me consider making a donation to O.U.R. instead

5.) PRAY - Take a moment every day from now until my birthday to Pray for the end of Human Trafficking. Even with all the education, certification, challenges, and donations this is impossible without God.


Finally, I will send a link to the video that made me so passionate about this issue, it is not for the faint of heart but it's the most awaking video I've seen on the issue.

Thank you for the opportunity to make even the smallest impact on this issue.

Honor Roll


Megan Wulff
Mar 8, 2020
Arizona, United States

“Happy Birthday Phil! Kelly and I are proud of you and love you.”


Michael Daniel
Mar 6, 2020
Arizona, United States

Phil's Birthday Make America

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