POUND for O.U.R. Children

POUND for O.U.R. Children

Thursday 7/30/20 is World Day Against Trafficking day. In the name of standing together to protect children, I will be holding a POUND class at McCowin Park in Ammon ID, where all proceeds will be donated to Operation Underground Railroad

Class will also be steamed via Zoom! DM ME FOR THE MEETING ID if you would like to participate virtually.

The live and virtual POUND class via ZOOM will raise funds for Operation Underground Railroad & Tim Ballard, in an attempt to help support the men and women working to bring home, support & protect children that are victims to human trafficking.

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Abbagail Johnson
Aug 4, 2020
Idaho, United States

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Abby Johnson
Aug 4, 2020
Idaho, United States


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Abby Johnson


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