Promises To Keep Fundraiser

Promises To Keep Fundraiser

I was sharing the story today about how a man followed us through our local grocery store transfixed on my young daughter - so much so that he ignored the fact that her very aggressive mother (me) was standing nearby. There are so many ways this scenario could have played out and thankfully in this case, the very aggressive mama (again me) faced him down (even growled at him actually) and sent him scurrying. I believe his intention was to wait until she moved off by herself and then do whatever it was he intended - he didn't get that chance. I would have fought to the death (preferably his) to keep her safe.

What about these other children? The children in the horror stories in which these unwilling victims have a starring role range in age from babies to teens, from drug trafficking to sex trafficking - or both. They're even used in organ harvesting. Who will protect them?

Not long ago I listened to Tim Ballard from Operation Underground Railroad on a radio broadcast and it started wheels in motion for me so much so that I am now willing to put the hat on, don the jacket and stand in the breach if necessary. These folks are fighting worldwide and they are making a difference but its an uphill battle - an endless struggle. They're now capable of providing dogs trained to search out hidden film storage in homes of predators. They work side by side with law enforcement during stings to bring these monsters to justice and even provide new protective environments for the children that are rescued. They provide hope and a future filled with possibility to these children brought out of the shadows.

I've set a fundraiser of $1,000 with a time limit of a month but it can be more and it can go longer. Help me fight. I am an abolitionist

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May 17, 2019
Florida, United States of America


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Cathy Fiermonti
Florida, United States of America


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