Raising Money, Saving Children

Raising Money, Saving Children

Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.)

 I turn 30 on November 9th and cannot think of a better way to celebrate it than to raise money to help liberate children from all the horrors of slavery!!!! Please join me in my celebration by donating to my fundraiser!

 I felt the calling to rescue children from slavery back in 2008. I wanted to be a missionary in Africa to help free children soldiers that were stolen from villages, drugged, and coerced into shooting millions. Unfortunately, I walked away from my calling and walked a different life for a while. Fortunately, the calling never left me, and I have a renewed fire in my soul for it!!! I will not turn away this time! In April I started taking online college courses full-time to obtain a Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice, focused on homeland security and emergency management. I am extremely excited that the calling never left me and that I will get to live out one of my biggest passions- protecting others. Ultimately, I hope to one day work for this organization on their extraction team (after I have gained some experience).

This organization was started in 2013 by Tim Ballard, a man who left the FBI because of red tape with rescuing children who were not citizens of, or located in, the US when the trafficking took place. So many who join the fight to stop child trafficking get burnt out because they work for the government or other organizations that do not provide aftercare to the victims. As a result, they only see the horrors, not the light and hope at the end of the stories. O.U.R. will not go into a country unless a clear aftercare plan has been developed and put into place with organizations and facilities that are not government run. In many third-world countries, many of those government-run "orphanages" are fake and are the ones selling children. Due to this, they want to be sure that children will not be sent back to those types of places, or back to families that sold them into slavery in the first place due to money being tight. O.U.R. also provides law enforcement across the world with the tools (including dogs that sniff out electronic devices like flash drives that could have child pornography on them) and training on how to search the dark web to find predators and save victims. For more info, PLEASE VISIT >>


If you would like to see exactly what they do, they have a Documentary "Operation Toussaint" which is available on Amazon Prime. If you live local to me, I bought multiple copies to pass around to spread awareness. Just reach out to me!


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Nov 9, 2020
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“Happy 30th, babygirl. So proud of you. I love you.”


Nov 7, 2020
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Nov 3, 2020
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Nov 3, 2020
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Oct 10, 2020
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Oct 7, 2020
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