Rebecca's Cards for a Cause for OUR

Rebecca's Cards for a Cause for OUR

I have been WRECKED and my whole world shaken with the knowledge that children are CURRENTLY being sold into slavery for sex trafficking. It sickens me! But learning about this incredible organization that is fighting every day to free these children brings me HOPE.

Will you help me in giving to O.U.R. Rescue by participating in our Cards for a Cause fundraiser? They rely solely on donations to carry out these operations to free children and I can’t think of a more worthy cause to support right now.

💛For just $30 you can get a box of 30 beautifully embellished greeting cards where $13 of it will be directly donated to O.U.R. Rescue. Email for more details!

🖐Please reach out or order from the form below if you’d like to support our fundraiser!

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Rebecca Baldwin
Sep 3, 2020
Florida, United States


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Rebecca Baldwin


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