El 30 de Julio es el dia mundial en contra del trafico de personas. Se calcula que mas de 30 millones de personas estan siendo esclavas y 2 millones de estas son niños y niñas siendo traficadas sexualmente. OPERATION UNDERGROUND RAILROAD (OUR) ha rescatado hasta la fecha mas de 3,800 niños alrededor del mundo de las garras de personas sin corazon que le pusieron un precio...Tu y yo podemos hacer la diferencia juntos y apoyar economicamente al igual que con nuestras oraciones para que OUR continue salvando las vidas de miles niños mas. Seamos la voz de los mas pequeños!

July 30th is the world day against human trafficking. It is believed that more than 30 million people are trapped in this modern day slavery, and 2 million of these are only children who are being trafficked for sexual purposes.OPERATION UNDERGROUND RAILROAD (OUR) has rescued more than 3,800 children to date from all around the world from evil people who put a price tag on them... You and me can make a difference together and support economically as well as with prayers so that OUR continues to save the lives of thousands of children more. Let's be the voice of these little ones!

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Jul 30, 2020
California, United States


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Carlos Lopes-Ribeiro


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