Robert McLaughlin's Fundraiser

Robert McLaughlin's Fundraiser

Imagine if you were a Godly German citizen in the 1940s. Would you have turned your head & said “I can’t stomach hearing about those trains & camps. Don’t tell me anything !”

Fast forward to today. Child Sex Trafficking is the fastest growing crime in the world & there are men & women who have served on the CIA, Homeland Security, and ICE who have chosen to risk their lives & are saving children ages 1-14 from being sold, as this video exposes for $10,000 per child to be used in sex, rape, & molestation pornography videos.

YES .... it is disgusting & horrible, but WHO will care enough to HELP these innocent victims ❤️❤️❤️?

Watch an interview of Tim Ballard & his coworkers here .

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Robert McLaughlin
Mar 8, 2021
Pennsylvania, United States

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Robert McLaughlin
Pennsylvania, United States


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