Life's journey results in each of us becoming lost with a hope that we will be found. Many of us end up finding ourselves, but #runforthelost is a campaign to help fund the search that are without hope and need someone to rescue them. This campaign is part of a challenge to run for those who are lost on February 27th, 2021. A virtual event that asks that all who can, donate what they financially are capable of and committing to run/walk on February 27th, 2021 as a showing of support across the world to help Operation Underground Railroad to find those who are lost. To find out details of this event, go to Instagram or Facebook and follow @brickmanallen who is sharing how this event came about and how you can join in support of rescuing the lost throughout the world.

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Brickman Allen
Jan 19, 2021
Arizona, United States


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Brickman Allen


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