Sacramento O.U.R. Volunteer Team

Welcome to our Operation Underground Railroad Sacramento Volunteer Team Fundraiser Page. We are raising funds to help liberate children from human trafficking and slavery. We are Abolitionists. There are more people in slavery than ever in history. We are working to raise funds for Operation Underground Railroad. O.U.R. Is a 501c3 non profit and have performed operations and have rescued thousands of people from human trafficking. O.U.R. Is also involved with providing aftercare for those who have been rescued and also prevention programs and dark web infiltration. They can’t liberate people without our help. O.U.R. Is dependent on donations. Please join us in helping end slavery and the exploitation of children. Every donation makes a difference in the operations that O.U.R. Performs and makes a direct impact in the freedom of a child. Thank you!

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Sacramento O.U.R. Volunteer Team

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Jennifer Bartholomew
California, United States


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