SLTC Endurance Abolitionist Project 2020

We are the Salt Lake Tri Club. We are endurance athletes with a cause! We are partnering with Operation Underground Railroad to abolish child sex trafficking. O.U.R has rescued 3200 victims and put 1800 traffickers behind bars. Those numbers will only grow as they continue this important work.

With this track record there is a high demand from many state and international governments for O.U.R. to expand operations, but they need more funding to do so, and we are here to help!

The Salt Lake Tri Club will be hosting it's annual kickoff party and 5th annual O.U.R. charity raffle fundraiser, to raise money for this cause.We have a goal to raise $10,000 in 2020. This will be our official campaign page to track our progress.

This is how you can join the fight. Make a donation to our campaign page, or at the event, and earn tickets to win prizes from our awesome sponsors! Any donation makes a difference, no matter how small. So donate what you would have spent on a protein shake and save a child's life!

Ticket Structure for the Charity Raffle

Tickets will be sold at $5 a ticket

Donation levels to earn tickets for the kickoff party (Tickets will be given out the night of the party. You must attend the event to be eligible for prizes)

Bonus tickets will be given out at these donation levels.

Sprint: $25 Two extra tickets

Olympic: $50 Five extra tickets

Half Ironman: $75 Nine extra tickets

Ironman: $100 Fifteen extra tickets

Those who donate before12pm on Monday March 2nd will have their bonus tickets 🎫 doubled.

The more you donate the more tickets you earn and the greater chance of winning prizes. Good luck, and may the odds ever be in your favor!

Also, this year we also are counting employee matches towards our totals, and they will be allowed to be included towards your total ticket earnings. If you have submitted your donation for an employee match, send proof of match to Kristen Cambridge at This way we can track the totals. Employer match will not show up on our campaign page totals due to employers donating directly through the main site. Thank you!

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SLTC Endurance Abolitionist Project 2020

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