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July 30th is World Day Against Sex Trafficking. This week, July 30th- August 7th, 2020, I am joining others by hosting a fundraiser in hopes of raising $1,500 for Operation Underground Railroad, a non-profit dedicated to saving children from sex trafficking.

If you have not heard of Tim Ballard and this organization, OUR, please YouTube them and watch for yourself. The work they are doing is both eye opening and heart wrenching. They are on the front lines, going undercover into dangerous places, and rescuing kids out of the modern day slave trade that is Human Sex Trafficking.

This is a small part of a larger effort taking placing on Thursday, July 30th, to raise awareness for child sex trafficking. Operation Underground Railroad is hosting multiple demonstrations across the country to shed light on how widespread the child sex trafficking problem is nationwide. Check your local area to see what public demonstrations are being organized, and let's get loud about saving the children.

Please consider being a part of the solution to the widespread evil that is human sex slavery...partner with me this week to #ENDit and save the children.

To make things a little more fun for the Fundraiser, I have created an optional WOD, (Workout of the Day), to do in honor of the children still trapped in this reality. This is a bodyweight workout, no equipment needed, but still intense. If you want to make it more challenging, wear a weighted vest.

You can do it at home, or get a group together and do it together sometime this week, and share the message online to bring awareness to this organization and the work they are doing to save the children.

Together, we can make a difference!


The workout:

400m Run (There are an estimated 40.3 Million individuals currently caught in Modern slavery)

150 Air Squats (Human Trafficking is estimated to be generate $150,000,000 per year)

88 Ab Mat Sit Ups (88% of Victims in the United States Come from Foster Care System)

400m Run

50 Jumping Lunges (Estimated that about 50,000 people are trafficked into the US each year)

90 Double Unders/Singles or Penguine Jumps (Average cost of a Slave today is $90)

Complete the workout, and then post a picture or video on Instagram, tag @ourrescue and and use the following hashtags: #ENDit #WorkoutForACause #OURrescue #EndHumanTrafficking #ForChildren #GetLoud #SaveTheChildren #WhereAreTheChildren

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Christine Cheesman Cheesman
Jul 30, 2020
Florida, United States


Jul 30, 2020
Florida, United States

Save the Children - End Human Trafficking WOD

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Courtney Diaz
Florida, United States


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