Sherry Willard's Fundraiser

Sherry Willard's Fundraiser

Hey y'all, this is a first for me. I never ask for gifts for my birthday but this year is different. This year my eyes have been opened to the cruelties of our world & it rips my heart apart. Our children, the worlds children, need us. This is happening everywhere. It's not isolated to foreign countries. It's in our backyard! Y'all have heard the old saying "It takes a village to raise a child" & that is true but it also takes a village to protect them, to stand up for them. We can no longer stand by with muted voices & shielded eyes. They need us to be their voice & to fight for them. Its time to bring light to this darkness.

I'm asking each of you to please join me in donating to the non profit, Operation Underground Railroad (OUR). They are an amazing group of people who go out every day & fight the fight (check out their page...Tim Ballard is a true American hero IMO). Any amount can help, even $5. If you are unable to donate, that's ok, you can still help & join the fight by sharing this post.

Together we can make a difference.

With much love & appreciation,







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Sherry Willard
California, United States


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