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O.U.R. MISSION: To shine a light worldwide on the global epidemic of child sex trafficking, and in so doing rescue more children from slavery and assist law enforcement to seek justice for those who violate children. We place survivors on a path to recovery by partnering with vetted aftercare providers.

•      O.U.R. has rescued over 2,000 victims and arrested over 500 traffickers

•      Over 3,600 survivors supported by aftercare

•      Over 6 million children slaves

–     Average age of a child sex slave 12-14 years old

–     2 million child sex slaves

–     Every 30 seconds a child is sold into sex trade

–     North America highest producer & consumer of child pornography

–     Correlation with child pornography and child sex trafficking

•      Add up all slaves in transatlantic trade over 300/400 years – more slaves exist today

–     40 million enslaved human beings worldwide

•      Fastest growing criminal enterprise in the world

•      Children can be sold for sexual acts up to 40-50x’s a day

•      Can cost $1,000 for a virgin – because profitable need to keep getting more virgins

•      Human Trafficking:     $150 billion industry

•      Non-profits are engaged with cause as government entities lack needed resources and man power

•      O.U.R. has supported law enforcement and aftercare services in 17 countries & 13 states in U.S.

•      6% of O.U.R. expenditures is overhead cost (financials and audits can be found on homepage at


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