Stephanie Meyer's Birthday Fundraiser

For the past several months my heart has been touched by the stories of rescuing children that have been caught in the webs of human trafficking as slaves used for or sex. It sickens my heart that so many have been caught and trapped. I am thankful that many have been rescued and that culprits are being prosecuted for the wrongs they have done. For my birthday this year, I'm asking friends and family to donate directly to Our Rescue through this fundraising link or if you purchase any products from my company I am donating at a minimum 10% of the commissions that I earn in November (historically my biggest month of the year). This is my Birthday wish, for something good to happen and come of these donations this year 2020.

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Shawna Jensen
Nov 22, 2020
Oregon, United States

Stephanie Meyer's Birthday Fundraiser

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Stephanie Meyer
Oregon, United States


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