Sunny Werner's Fundraiser

Sunny Werner's Fundraiser

For my birthday month, I want to raise support for an organization I believe does some of the most vital work ever:


These folks work ceaselessly to hunt down traffickers across the US and the world - those disgusting individuals who treat humans as commodities. From infants to elders, the victims of traffickers are forced into slavery. They are sold to individuals who are equally despicable, who use them as slaves.

OPERATION UNDERGROUND RESCUE also provides aftercare to the rescued victims, helping them in every way necessary to heal and develop healthy lives.

Please, join me in supporting O.U.R., become an Abolitionist with me!

Honor Roll


Aug 31, 2019
New York, United States of America

“A very small part for your Giant efforts. People like you make this world a better place.”


Oct 18, 2019
Delhi, India


2 donors
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Stephanie Werner
Oregon, United States of America


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