Tess Pyrah's Shave to Save Campaign

Tess Pyrah's Shave to Save Campaign

Image losing your keys. I bet you go crazy trying to find them. Now image losing your child. Would you sleep at night? NO! You would do everything you could to try to find them.

I invite you to educate yourself more on the problem, do something to help raise awareness and donate to the cause. Let's help Operation Underground Railroad find the 2,000,000 children around the globe who have been lost in Human Trafficking and #EndHumanTrafficking today!

Honor Roll

“Thank you to Gary for your cash donation!”


Tess Pyrah
Jul 31, 2019
Idaho, United States

“You are a beautiful soul!”


Cathy Yoder
Jul 30, 2019
Idaho, United States


Wendy Jepson
Jul 29, 2019
Idaho, United States


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Tess Pyrah
Idaho, United States


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