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THIS GUY IS A BADASS. Tim Ballard is literally making the world safer every day. I am happy to share this with you for two reasons: 1. To open the conversation on human trafficking which is a big problem everywhere in the world 2. Show you how some people are actively and literally fighting to end it. You can follow their progress at Operation Underground Railroad and check their movie too ( I'm a big fan. Thanks Tim and team for such a wonderful time. Good luck!

Posted by Nas Daily on Tuesday, June 26, 2018

We are the Salt Lake Tri club! We are endurance athletes with a cause! We are partnering with Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.) to abolish child trafficking. O.U.R has already rescued 1,765 children and put 858 traffickers behind bars since 2014.

With this track record, there is a high demand from many states and international governments for O.U.R. to expand operations and save more children. But, they need more funding to do so and we are here to help!

The Salt Lake Tri club will be hosting its annual kickoff party and 4th annual O.U.R. charity fundraiser to raise money for this cause. We have a goal to raise $10,000. This will be our official campaign page to track our progress. This is how you can join the fight. Make a donation to our campaign page or at the event. Any donation makes a difference, no matter how small. So donate what you would have spent on a protein shake and save a child's life!

Donation levels to earn tickets for the kickoff party

5k $5 (2 tickets)

10k $10 (3 tickets)

Sprint $15 (4 tickets)

Olympic $25 (6 tickets)

Ultra Runner $50 (10 tickets)

Half Ironman $75 (15 tickets)

Ironman $100 (20 tickets)

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The Endurance Abolitionist Project

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