The Every Day Edge Freedom Project

The Every Day Edge Freedom Project

The Every Day Edge podcast was created to challenge individuals to be one percent better every single day. The question then became what do you need to do daily to fulfill that one percent? The answer is simple; challenge yourself, push yourself to new limits, whatever you did yesterday do it a little better today. There's only one person you need to compete with: YOURSELF.

And in that spirit, The Every Day Edge is launching The Freedom Project to support the five million children around the world who are trapped by the dark enterprise of human trafficking. How could we proclaim to be one percent better daily if we did nothing to stop this human tragedy? We couldn't.

The Freedom Project is dedicated to these children wherever they may be...

This project is for the five million kids that don’t have homes and are used for purposes far darker than we could imagine. The children who were either stolen or sold into a life that they don’t deserve. The Freedom Project has been created to help our audience remember the kids that are forgotten by most of the world as they lay afraid and depressed in the darkest corners.

Human trafficking is a 150 BILLION dollar industry, while we can't surpass that horrible number alone we can do our best to add to the fight with The Freedom Project.

Operation Underground Railroad can not exist without charitable donations from people like us. The fight can't continue without our support so we ask that you join The Every Day Edge in raising $2,500 to aid O.U.R. in the fight against child slavery. This fight takes all of us. This fight requires our efforts and our prayers. God Bless and Thank You!

#TheFreedomProject brought to you by The Every Day Edge

Honor Roll


Matthew Brown
May 6, 2020
Virginia, United States

“you’ve always been my hero, now you are a hero to a lot of other people in need. You have the power to change the world and im so glad you’re one of the good guys!”


Michael Daniels
May 1, 2020
Virginia, United States


Jamie Cain
Apr 30, 2020
Idaho, United States


Lisa DiLUro
Apr 30, 2020
Virginia, United States


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Jamie Cain
Idaho, United States


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