The Power of One

Tonight I had the privilege of tucking my two small children safely into their beds. After teeth were cleaned, books were read, and prayers were said, my parental responsibilities are complete for this day. As I thank God for the opportunity to watch these little people develop day in and day out, I can't help but to hear his quiet whisper. My heart is aching for the children in this world who are forced into situations I can't even fathom to imagine. I pray for these children but that isn't enough.

There is power in one. If each one of us would reach out to one of us in our community we would trickle this message like wild fire. Child sex trafficking needs to end.

Please join me in the fight!

You are the Power of One

  1. Share this page
  2. Save the Human Trafficking # in your phone 1(888) 373-7888
  3. Donate to help fund rescue missions and after care for these children
  4. Become a Community Advocate and join our local OUR Volunteer Team

I have dedicated one hour a day and one volunteer meeting a month to educating our community about Operation Underground Railroad. If you have an event coming up where our volunteer team can set up a booth and help raise awareness in our community, please reach out to me.

Please don't exit off this page without doing something.

  1. Pray
  2. Text this link to someone
  3. Make a call
  4. Donate

Join the Fight! You have the Power to do something. You are the Power of One.

Honor Roll

“Bless you Kenzie and your good heart and those who will be made free because of your efforts 💞”


Terry & Lil Shepherd
Nov 11, 2019
Utah, United States


Nov 7, 2019
Utah, United States


Nov 7, 2019
Utah, United States

The Power of One

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