Together There Is Hope Fundraiser

Together There Is Hope Fundraiser

Every 30 seconds a child is sold into the sex trade worldwide. 

The USA is one of the largest consumers of child pornography & trafficking. 

Together, we can shine light on darkness to put an end to human trafficking. 

Please join together as we support O.U.R. Operation Underground Railroad, a non-profit organization of former Navy Seals & CIA agents that help law enforcement find, capture human traffickers and rescue kidnapped children from slavery around the world. O.U.R. relies on donations for sting operations, missions, trainings, equipment, k-9 dogs, recoveries & aftercare facilities to support survivor's healing & recovery. 

Together there is hope. 

Together we break the chain. 

Together we can do great things.

Thank you for your donation.

It means the world to the precious children waiting to be rescued.

Honor Roll

“Thank you SO much for doing this very much needed work.”


Jan Meredith
Aug 15, 2019
Oregon, United States of America


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