Trent Carpenter's Fundraiser

Trent Carpenter's Fundraiser

Thank you so much for donating and helping to eradicate human trafficking.

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Oct 21, 2020
Michigan, United States

“Congratulations Kate and Trent!! You two are such a power couple & will surely bless so many with your love for one another and God. Big hug to you both!!”


Allison Jenney
Oct 16, 2020
Tennessee, United States

“Kate and Trent, wishing you a lifetime of happiness and blessings!”


Janet Mahoney
Oct 15, 2020
Georgia, United States

“What a great cause as you start your life together, much love 💕 Mary Jo”


Mary Jo Johnson
Oct 15, 2020
Georgia, United States

“Blessings for many happy years, Love, Uncle Bud and Aunt Laurie”


Laurie Miller
Oct 14, 2020
Michigan, United States


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Trent Carpenter
Colorado, United States


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