The Turvey Group's Fundraiser for O.U.R.

We have some very important news to share with you all! 


As you know, The Turvey Group is committed to giving back generously to the community around us and we had been doing this by donating a portion of our income from every single home sale to 4 local charities. We extend our heartfelt thanks to you for your trust in us as your agents with your own personal sales and purchases, and through referrals that you have sent. By allowing us to work for you and your friends and family, you really have impacted and helped those less fortunate and in dire need of assistance.


In 2021 however, we are embarked on a new and exciting mission. We decided to partner with Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.) as our sole worthy cause. O.U.R. exists to locate and rescue children worldwide from sex trafficking operations. This is a cause that we are incredibly passionate about. As you may be aware, Atlanta is in the top 3 worst affected cities in the U.S. for child trafficking. Naturally, being parents to a young child, we were strongly compelled to join the fight in rescuing these children and bringing their captors to justice.


O.U.R. is comprised of Former U.S. Navy SEALs, CIA agents, law enforcement officers, medical personnel and military veterans. They undertake intricate sting operations to break up these organizations, follow the source back to the ringleaders and bring them to justice. Ongoing work and resources are needed to fund these operations and ensure that specialized aftercare is in place to avoid these children falling into the same situations. O.U.R. works closely with local governments to gain intel and to ensure everything possible is being done to rescue these kids.


When we heard about the incredible work that O.U.R. are doing, we just knew we had to get behind them. You being a valued client of Turvey Partners, we felt that we needed to share this news, and also spread some awareness of this amazing worthy cause. To explore what O.U.R. are all about and how they operate, please visit Check out their mission statement, how they go about their operations and exactly what you can do to help and support them in their quest, if you hear the call.


With your ongoing referrals and continued support in us, we were able to exceed our goal of $10,000 raised in 2021 (we raised $10,500) and we are confident that we can reach our desired target of $20,000 donated in 2022 and we aim to double those contributions yearly as our team grows.

For updates on recent O.U.R. rescues, Please follow on FB and IG: @theturveygroup @ourrescue

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Chase Lance
Dec 8, 2021
Georgia, United States


Chase Lance
Oct 5, 2021
Georgia, United States


Chase Lance
Sep 17, 2021
Georgia, United States


Chase Lance
Aug 24, 2021
Georgia, United States

“From Angela Myrick From Gary See”


Chase Lance
Jun 8, 2021
Georgia, United States

“From Mark and Cassandra, we plan to be actively involved in the future.”


cassandra kennedy
Apr 1, 2021
Georgia, United States

“From Angela & Shawn Davis!”


Jaime C Turvey
Mar 6, 2021
Georgia, United States

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The Turvey Group's Fundraiser for O.U.R.

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Jaime C Turvey
Georgia, United States


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