We want to do everything we can to save our children in the U.S. and around the world. O.U.R.’s army of supporters are passionate about saving children everywhere, especially in our own backyard. Therefore, we are committed to empowering our local law enforcement agencies who are best positioned to detect, disrupt and dismantle traffickers and child predators.

O.U.R. is so very grateful for the dedicated men and women in law enforcement who brave the rigors of battling human trafficking and child exploitation everyday in America. That being said, O.U.R. recognizes that it takes special training and state-of-the-art technology coupled with unique skills to adequately attack this despicable criminal element, and not all departments have what they need to address trafficking in their cities.

This is why O.U.R. makes every effort to support our domestic law enforcement partners however possible. This comes in the form of training, equipment or other specialized tools and technology to increase their abilities to conduct human trafficking and child exploitation investigations and operations.

Be part of this support today by giving to one of the below needs. Your donation could help  law enforcement save a child from online child exploitation and put a predator behind bars. 

We thank you for your support! We cannot win this fight alone.