Operation New Territory

Immediate call to action!


Hi, this is Tim Ballard.

We need your help - we have an immediate call-to-action. 

Please know that it is a GOOD SIGN!  We have seen a massive expansion happen very quickly.  Let me explain:

As you can imagine, in our work we must follow needs immediately as they arise; we must move when the traffickers move, assist the countries who come to us in need in real-time, respond urgently to the illegal activity going on all over the world and domestically.  Timing is so important.

Sometimes we notice that activity peaks all at the same time, and we can't predict this or plan for this, but of course we must respond at once.

Expansion is a great problem to have; law enforcement departments coming to us and relying upon us only shows how trusted we have become over our few short years. We know how global the problem of child sex trafficking is, and we are so grateful to have the tools and means to help all around the world.

YOU are the ones that make this happen by your financial support!  We cannot send experts without funds. We are so grateful, and children all around the world are so grateful.

We ask that you consider giving (even giving again if you have already given this year) within the next 1-2 weeks, or just as quickly as you can.

We have an urgent need to expand our efforts into countries and states such as:

Please respond to this call to action. In any amount; I simply ask that you dig a little deeper at this time.

Working with the generosity of our donors is something that never ceases to affect me deeply. I remember the first time someone unknown to me at the time heard this cry for help, and sent in funding - trusting in what I had established and entrusting my team to go help.  It was emotional then and it's emotional now. The children who need our help today are no different than those first rescues that were funded 4 years ago.

Please join this fight.  Please answer to this call-to-action.

Thank you.